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Mora & Jordano works by offering all sorts of solutions to the problems encountered by people and businesses every day and related to trade, civil, procedural, employment, tax, financial, strategic matters or developing activities and businesses.


Mora & Jordano can help you with a specific subject or problem, but our global vision and interconnected work method allows us to offer integrated solutions in a wide range of fields that are of use to the customer: Estate planning, business reorganization, financial reorganization, family business, family office, mergers, business acquisitions and disinvestments, bargaining processes, due diligence and recruitment, boards of directors, bankruptcy proceedings, etc.


Many of the professionals at Mora & Jordano have experience in large companies and businesses. They are used to dealing with different kinds of customers, subjects, industries and even nationalities. However, considering our service philosophy, work method and scope, we foster close work relationships with our customers. Our success is measured in terms of trust.
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