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Mora & Jordano works beyond sporadic and independent matters that require a lawyer. Our focus is on recurrent work with our customers, providing them with comprehensive solutions for all the complex problems encountered in their activities and businesses.

An adviser with solutions

Business Development Projects

Mora & Jordano is devoted to helping you expand your business and provides you with a broad array of services to achieve this. Whether mergers and acquisitions, due diligence processes, legal counsel for the development of sales networks, structuring affiliated companies, designing tax solutions, networking or any other legal needs you may have to develop your business. We guarantee that this will be performed to meet your expectations.

Business Reorganization

For companies to develop appropriately, they may be forced to carry out certain reorganization processes. Mora & Jordano provides you with its experience in planning and completing mergers and disinvestments, between companies in a same group or between independent companies.

Mora & Jordano has broad experience in taking part in, negotiating, advising and performing alliance agreements between national companies and foreign companies.

Financial Reorganization

The hard economic landscape has sometimes forced companies to refinance its debt.

Mora & Jordano has gained extensive experience. Our activity has faced difficult negotiations for the terms, expenses and guarantees on customers’ financial liabilities. But we are also used to defending private interests, claiming inappropriate clauses, such as the mortgage clause establishing an interest rate floor.

Estate Planning

Estate defence is always the ultimate aim of actions affecting material rights. Mora & Jordano consider that the best defence is to plan ahead. This means working with the customer on a process to put all their assets and activities in order for the longer term. We want this contribution to always be present as an added value in our relationship as legal counsel to our customers.

Family Office

Protection and growth are essential to manage large estates. To achieve both targets, it’s important to structure investments so that they will protect the family group’s capital.

Mora & Jordano have experience in Family Office type structures that create investment platforms to transfer legacy from one generation to the next.

Family Business

Mora & Jordano is a law firm that is used to working with companies who often have to delegate their vital everyday matters, whether business related or personal, to a professional.

Thanks to the trust-based environment, when it’s time to make a generational change, the business owner can safely delegate any necessary steps for the succession to our firm’s professionals and they will deal with them effectively and quickly.

Board of Directors and Steering Committees

Some of Mora & Jordano members have experience with, and presence on, boards of directors and steering committees.

In view of this experience, we are able to offer our help with the policy, planning and execution of steering committees for the company’s optimum governance. From this position, we can often give added value to our customers because of the commitment this entails with their operations and businesses.

Bankruptcy Proceedings

Sometimes, the business activity can’t help entering bankruptcy proceedings. Mora & Jordano is qualified to accompany the customer through these proceedings.

Experience has shown us the importance of prevention and bargaining skills in these unwanted and unpleasant procedures, but it sometimes becomes the only way to secure the business and its assets. But above all, experience has taught us the value in knowing how to accompany a business owner with loyalty and honesty during this procedure.

Claims and Legal Actions

Mora & Jordano offer effective solutions in tasks related to legal actions and proceedings with the public administration: defending the customer against lawsuits filed by third parties, requests for outstanding payments or claims against the public administration.

As experts in Business Law, Mora & Jordano is well known for its work in managing debtors, debt collection and defaults within the business and administrative spheres. These solutions have acquired greater weight due to the difficulty in reaching amicable agreements for debt collection.

International Contracting

International contracting requires specific skills such us the proper monitoring of the negotiations in their language, as well as a good knowledge of the laws applicable in each case.

Our professionals have the specific knowledge to understand the broad legal environment surrounding international contracting, its forms of financing, the transportation formalities, variants of trade, international claims procedures, the protection of intellectual property, etc.

Technological Company and Start-ups

Some of the professionals of the firm are specialized in advising newly established companies of the technological sector. These young and dynamic entrepreneurs have found a service that is careful and in accordance to their necessities. We will help you through the process of defining the project, the legal establishment of the company, shareholders agreements, funding rounds, regulatory compliance (data protection, e-commerce regulation, sectoral regulatory requirements), contracting oriented to a future international expansion, and, whenever necessary, the disinvestment.

European and Competition Law

Given the background and experience that some of its members, Mora & Jordano can offer solutions with regard to competition law both in Spain and the EU. We are able to assist the client from the preliminary stages of prevention to its legal defense in case of the opening of a proceeding, sanction filing or a claim in front of any regulatory body.

Knowing of the importance that for companies and particulars have the legal community environment, it has been an essential objective to count with professionals that are able to defend the interests of our clients in front of the institutions of the EU.

Specific Solutions

Mora & Jordano can offer specific solutions that are usually required by the customer due to a law change or development. For example:

We will help you customize systems to observe the Personal Data Protection Law.

We will give advice on how to implement procedures that will help observe the rules on directors’ liabilities and reduce their risks.

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