Mora & Jordano’s greatest satisfaction is to see its activity rewarded with the client’s trust. There is nothing better to demonstrate this trust than client recurrence. In this sense, more than 70% of the firm’s activity is focused on recurring clients. An example of them:

More than just an external law firm, we are a vital part of a growing company like St. George, providing value in business development issues.

For an activity where every step is a unique project in a different environment, we need to rely on lawyers and advisors who are able to keep us out of the routine.

From the beginning we have been growing at the same time as we have been advancing in our business model. Having a team of professionals who have understood and accompanied us from the beginning has strengthened and complemented us in many ways.

We know that we can count on the office for all issues of our company and its partners that require attention at any time.

In the case of a chain such as ours, where different figures and legal relationships concur, it has been positive to have a very comprehensive service at a reasonable cost.

Our company is immersed in a strong pace of development, we rely on external advisors who are able to adapt to our vision and way of acting.

In our international expansion, we need to find a local professional group that suits our needs and business culture, in which we can rely on the facts demonstrated day by day.

For us, having an agile and reliable professional team is the key to the development of our activity.

Our expansion process requires a team specialised in negotiation processes that is very clear about the philosophy of our Group; and that is what we have with Mora & Jordano..

Our landing in Spain would not have been possible without having legal experts who advise us on a day-to-day basis, and help us to fit our procedures within Spanish legislation.

From our first day in Spain we have had the Mora & Jordano office with which we feel highly satisfied due to its proximity, knowledge and performance.

Very satisfied to have comprehensive advice that meets our needs.
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