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Who is behind Mora Jordano?

Since its very first steps, Mora & Jordano has been loyal to the purpose of its service: To accompany the customer with any needs they may have to develop their activities and business. To do so, we have carefully made up a team of professionals who specialize in different legal and business areas and qualified, experienced and motivated to win your trust.

Mora & Jordano has gained solid experience. From its start in 2003, our company has faced countless situations with many customers from the most varied industries, in different regions and countries, and we have had to find solutions for those situations. This has made us adopt a profoundly logical, pragmatic and simple approach to finding ways to an understanding.

Mora & Jordano is no more than the team it is made up of, joined by that idea and blended into a common experience. We are over 20 professionals with clearly defined specializations within law and business. As professionals, we like the responsible and expert relationship with the customer’s needs. As a team, we like to support this with a global approach.

C/ Linaje nº 3, Portal 1, 1º - 29.001 – Málaga

Avda. Gran Capitán, nº 46, 3º - 5 – 14.006 Córdoba
952 22 17 47
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Calle Linaje, nº 3, portal 1, 1ª planta 29001 Málaga

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